10 Tips on How to Choose a Moving Company!

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Choosing the best local movers might be tricky. Every day there are more and more local movers on the market. How could you know what professional movers are right for you? We prepared a few tips for you in order to help you find your perfect local movers for your upcoming relocation.

  1. Online check up

We believe you know this one, but before booking any local moving company, you should do a little bit of research on your own. Check their website and their online reviews. When it comes to review, don’t believe in everything you read. There is a lot of competition among the moving companies, so if some reviews sound a bit unrealistically bad – they probably are.

  1. What kind of service do they offer

Price is very important, but more importantly is what you get for that price. For example, if you find a moving company that will provide you with tools, dollies, moving blankets, plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes etc. and offer you a quality service with few dollars more than another movers that are less expensive, but you have to get all the tools and equipment by yourself, you would like to pay a bit extra and get everything done by professionals.

  1. Are they within your budget

Of course, budget is very important when it comes to your local move. If some movers are way out of your budget than you can afford, don’t hope they will make an exception and charge you less on your moving day. Be realistic when we talk about the budget. Don’t expect to move for free, but on the other hand, don’t let someone rip you off. Price for your move depends on a move size, distance and the amount the items movers need to handle.

  1. Hidden or additional fees you are not aware of?

Additional fees are not the problem, as long as you are aware of them before your move. Your local movers should explain what is included in the price and what not. You don’t deserve to be misled when your local move is in question. Make sure to ask your local movers do they charge anything on top of the price they provided you with.

  1. Check if they are insured

You shouldn’t book the movers that are not licenced and insured. Moving is a fragile task, so damages might happen and you want to have a safety net if that happens. Choose the movers that are licenced and insured and save yourself unnecessary stress. If your movers are insured, in case of any damage, they will make sure to guide you through the claim process and try to help you.

  1. Do they have availability for your moving date?

If you are not flexible with your moving date, this might be a dealbreaker. To avoid finding a perfect moving company to find out they don’t have availability for your preferred move date, make sure to call movers in time. Don’t wait until the day before your move to call moving companies. Make sure to do research and give yourself some time to think it through.

  1. Can they do a full service that you need?

If your movers can’t do a part of a service that you need, such as a piano move, they should let you know in time so you can decide whether you would like to find another moving company or to hire specialized piano movers for instance. Transparency and honesty is a big deal when you are moving locally.

  1. Sales representative is the face (voice) of the company

Sales representative is a person that will be there throughout the moving process, so that person needs to be reliable and willing to help you. That is someone who should answer all of your questions with patience, advise you on anything needed and that is someone who needs to be responsive. If you don’t feel right about your sales representative, feel free to ask to talk to someone else or go with another moving company.

  1. Do a bit more of a research

Before you book first movers that are on your list, do a bit more of a research, just so you can compare the rates and services and to see what works the best for you. At the end you might go back to the first movers you called, but it is always good to call a few places just so you can be sure that you made the right decision.

  1. Trust your guts

Like for anything important in your life, you should trust your guts. If it feels right from the first call, it is probably the right thing. You should try to have a stress free and smooth move and once you get a nice and friendly company that can professionally and safely move your belongings, you will just feel it. Once you found the perfect local movers, save their number in case you need to move again. It is always good having reliable local movers.