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When your houses don’t close the sale at the same time, or if your new place is much smaller and not all of your belongings can fit, there is no need to panic or stress yourself out. There is a simple solution. All you have to do is find storage units in Los Angeles, and we'll take care of the rest. Every move is different and everyone has different needs, and sometimes hiring a moving and storage company to help is necessary for success. La Habra Movers are ready to assist in any way possible and our storage movers will make sure to do it efficiently and safely.

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We value honesty

The rates that you will get from La Habra Movers, your favorite moving and storage company, are affordable and budget-friendly. We believe moving and storage services should be accessible to everyone and our estimated costs will show you we actually mean it. La Habra Movers values your trust, which is why we will not charge you any hidden fees for your local storage move.

No extra fees

We don't charge anything extra if there are stairs, long carries, long hallways, or heavy items. There are no additional fees for fuel, mileage, or even the California double drive time. Your charging time will start ticking only when storage movers La Habra arrive at your doorstep and start working. We cover the costs to get to your place and to get back, and we make sure you are properly informed about everything so no unexpected surprises can ruin your moving day.

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In just a few steps

Our relocation specialists will make every effort to explain the process and provide you with a moving quote from the first phone call. Getting a quote and booking your full-service storage movers is quick and easy; everything can be completed in under 10 minutes. Tell us more about your situation, needs, and special requirements, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will present you with our moving and storage services, as well as estimated costs.

Extra advice

If you are looking for storage units in Los Angeles, La Habra Movers have one piece of advice for you. Find one close to your current location or your new home. This will make things much easier in case you need to grab something from the unit.

Full support

La Habra Movers will be there to help you prepare for your storage move. They will use their knowledge and many years of experience working at our moving and storage company to provide all necessary guidance. From helping you find the most suitable storage units in Los Angeles to advising you on the right number of storage movers and moving trucks. Efficiency and safety are always on our minds and all advice you receive will always preserve and increase them. In case you have additional questions or concerns, customer support is available 7 days a week so don’t hesitate to call.

Trained and experienced storage movers La Habra

When it comes to moving storage units in Los Angeles, La Habra movers and packers are experts with years of experience. Our professional movers will make sure to disassemble your bigger items in order to safely transport them or to reassemble them again at your place. The plastic wrap will be used to safely wrap and cushion all of your furniture pieces. If you are moving belongings into storage units in Los Angeles and intend to keep them there for an extended period of time, we recommend that you use moving blankets as well. This will add an extra layer of security while your items are in your unit. Moving dollies will be used to transport anything that is too heavy. Sleep peacefully because storage movers La Habra are trained and careful, and even if something does happen, moving insurance is here to cover it.