Frequently Asked Questions

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Which movers and packers are good?

Any movers and packers that fit your budget, provide the service that you need and they are licenced and insured are good for you. Which movers and packers are good depends on your needs. Our advice is to choose a moving company, even if it is a bit more expensive than you expected, but it just sounds like they are good and that they will safely move your belongings.

Will movers move Ikea furniture?

Ikea furniture is usually very light and easy to move, so movers will definitely move it for you. What most of the local movers will advise you is to move it in just one piece, because once Ikea furniture is disassembled and you assemble it back, the quality is just not the same.

Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

Sometimes movers are cheaper on weekdays, because most of the people would like to move on weekends. If you are flexible with the moving date and your local movers offer cheaper rates on weekdays, why wouldn’t you save some dollars?

Movers who disassemble furniture?

Every professional local movers will take care of disassembly and assembly of your furniture. If they don’t mention this, feel free to ask.

What if movers break something?

You should always hire professional and licenced movers. Not only will you probably avoid damages, but even if something happens, you will be protected with moving insurance. In case something is broken, you should start your claim process and you will get additional guidance from your local movers.

How movers and packers charge?

The way local movers charge depends on a moving company. Most of the local moving companies charge the hourly rates with a certain number of hours as a minimum. But again, don’t be surprised if some movers offer you a flat rate. The main question you should ask is what is included in the rate they provided you with.

Where to find movers?

If you have someone who recently moved, family member or neighbor, you should ask them for a referral. It is always best to pick someone that you know is trusted. If not, then the internet is your best friend. Search for ‘movers near me’ or ‘moving companies La Habra’ and start reading reviews, checking websites and making calls.

Will movers pack for you?

Of course! Your local movers will be glad to perform packing service for you, just let them know that you need it.

Can movers move plants?

Plants are always very difficult to be moved safely. Most of the local movers will accept moving plants for you, but they will always advise you to move your plants yourself. The reason for that is that plants cannot be wrapped or secured in the moving truck, so it is easy to damage them. Most of the local movers will leave this decision to you and they will be glad to help you with moving.

When to tip the movers?

The most common question is this one. There is no certain rule when it gets to tipping the movers, you should always do how you feel. If you hire a licenced moving company, they have their own employees and they do get their paychecks. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the service, why wouldn’t you tip someone who just performed hard work for you. If you are wondering how much to tip the movers ,we don’t have the right answer for you, but to tell you to do how you feel once more.

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