Moving Dictionary, From A to Z

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No matter if this is your first time moving or you have already moved before, you can use this moving dictionary to learn or to refresh your memory about basic terms that will make you look like a professional when you call your local movers.

A – arrival window.

Arrival window is a time frame when your local movers will arrive at your pick up location. Movers rarely provide sharp arrival time, because they can’t predict the traffic.

B – blankets

Moving blankets are used to wrap up and protect your belongings during the move. Blankets will ensure your furniture is wrapped and padded during a move and transport.

C – certificate of insurance

If you are moving from an apartment building or to an apartment building, you might need a certificate of insurance. That is something your movers will send you per your request.

D – dollies

Moving dollies are used to safely move anything that is excessively heavy.

E – elevator reservation

Again one term that is related to the apartment moves. If you have freight or service elevators in your building, you might have to reserve them. Check this with your building before you book your local movers for a certain arrival window.

F – flat rate

Some movers might provide you with a flat rate for your move, although that is not common. Most of the local movers charge the hourly rates. Flat rate means that you will have one rate for the move from start to finish.

G – guaranteed rate

If you hear your sales representative tell you that you will have a guaranteed rate, it basically means that that is the rate without any hidden charges on your moving date. It is locked rate once you leave the deposit for your move.

H – household move

Household move is a furniture move. There are also different types of vehicle moves.

I – insurance

Moving insurance is something that is included in the rate with any licenced local moving company. In case your movers damage something, they will be there to help you with the claim process and they will find a solution for any issue that occurred on a moving day.

L – labor job

Any job that you don’t need to use a moving truck, just the manpower is considered as a labor job. There are different types of labor moves, such as unloading, loading, swapping furniture in the house etc.

M – movers and packers

Your local moving company can offer you not only movers, but packers as well. If you want to have a company that will take care of your relocation fully, you should ask for a full pack service.

O – office move

Your local movers don’t have to perform just household moves, they can do commercial moves as well. Commercial, or office moves are all the moves where you need to move your business.

P – packing service

Packing service is available with every local moving company if you request it. Make sure to ask if they charge packing service additionally or it is included. It is definitely very good service, especially for beginners. Your items will be safe from the beginning until the end of your move.

Q – quote

Once you call your local movers and get the rates from them, that means you got the moving quote. While providing you with a moving quote, sales representatives should explain services and rates in detail, so you could know what is included in the price they provided you with.

R – reassembly of your items

Disassembly and reassembly of your items is a part of a standard service that moving companies can offer. After they reassemble your item, your local movers will place your big furniture in the appropriate room.

S – storage

Whenever your homes don’t close at the same time, you will probably need to rent a storage unit for some period of time. Your local movers can move you in or out of a storage unit.

T – tolls

Local movers are using specialized and modern moving tolls in order to efficiently disassemble and reassemble your belongings.

U – unloading

If you rented a truck, U-haul or container and need someone to unload the items for you, your local movers can assist with your unloading job.

W – wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are used to save you some time on packing. You can place all of your hanging clothes into these wardrobe boxes, without pre-packing them.